Testimonials from Parents and Students

Parent Comments

“You are a skilled professional, but your warmth and empathy and balanced, patient coaching make you invaluable. Thanks • for focusing on our daughter (not us) • for tailoring your approach to her needs • for keeping us informed”

“We greatly appreciate your knowledge & advice & keeping our daughter on track. We also appreciate your advice regarding classes during high school. We are thankful that you encouraged us to have our daughter tested. It altered our plan and helped with the decision process.”

“Not having gone through the college process before, it was helpful to understand the time lines and how to work with the “student services” for students with learning differences. With the information given, I feel that helped us to use these services which allowed our daughter to be accepted into the colleges to which she applied. Thank you so much for all your guidance, support & info.”

“I really admire your positive and non-judgmental attitude toward people. We could ask or express any crazy thing and you answered calmly and didn’t raise your eyebrows. You helped us work through the emotions of the process. It really took a lot of pressure off me and reduced my nagging to a bare minimum.”

“Thanks you so much for giving _____ the clarity to focus & follow her heart as well as her head. The rapport between you gave _____ trust & confidence. I loved the fact that you are both so organized & focused in similar ways — it gave me peace of mind to not worry. Thank you for your services, but most importantly, thank you for your care & support.”

“Claire’s step by step organization kept our son on track during the college search. She was always positive and kept him motivated toward his goal. Thank you so much for making a difference in our son’s life.”

“We found that your schedule was extremely helpful. Our daughter never got behind or felt overwhelmed…Your expertise and advice helped her choose what colleges to apply to. The many talks she had with you over the months helped her decide what she wanted in a college.”

Student Comments

“I enjoyed our meetings a lot. It was nice having someone who had knowledge of different colleges to make it easier to find one that fit me. I know the process would have been a lot harder with out you. I think you had a lot of great tools to help with the application process.”

“I found the experience extremely helpful. Your warm and bubbly personality made the college process fun. I especially found the relaxed environment helpful when the college search/selection can be so stressful.”

“Your help has been absolutely invaluable to me. I loved your organization and commitment and I would have gone crazy without your guidance. You pushed me to aim high and it definitely paid off in the end.”

“I found it helpful how you made the list of colleges for me to look through that fit my grades, scores and interest areas.”

“You did a great job. I was as happy as a clam. Thanks for all the advice and positive vibes.”

“I really liked the ‘homework’ you would give me in between appointments because it helped me feel like I was on top of the whole college process.”