Services of College Planning Help



I offer two package options for students

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As a college counselor, my goal is to help students make a successful post-high school plan. For most students this means college selection, but for some, we may explore other options such as gap year programs, travel/service or internships.

As a college counselor I am able to focus specifically with the student on their academic progress and guide them through the process of college preparation, college research, application and selection. I do not replace the role or function of the school counselor. I strive to work collaboratively with these professionals to provide the best possible assistance to students and their families.

I do not have special pull with colleges and I cannot guarantee college admission to any school.

The process starts by setting up the first meeting which is usually 60 minutes. There is a fee for this initial meeting, but please be aware that assistance is available for families in need.

Students complete a questionnaire which is brought to the first meeting. Students also finish the “Do What You Are” online inventory. Both of these items, along with transcripts, test scores and other relevant documentation are reviewed and discussed as part of the first meeting.

Within five days of the initial meeting you decide whether to become a student-client. At that time your initial payment is due. Meetings are typically with the student only. Parents are welcome to contact Claire via phone or email or request a meeting.

If you have specific educational issues that can be dealt with in only one or two meetings, let me know. I am happy to adjust my program to meet your needs.