10_27_16 US Colleges T-U

Temple University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone: 1- 888-340-2222 


Admissions Contact:  askanowl@temple.edu 

Temple University is a national center of excellence in teaching and research with an international presence. Our talented faculty and broad curriculum of nearly 300 academic programs provide superior educational opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students, without regard to their status or station in life. A long-time leader in professional education, Temple prepares the largest body of practitioners in Pennsylvania; we are among the nation’s largest educators in the combined fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, podiatry and law.

Admissions: http://www.temple.edu/undergrad/

Campus visits: http://www.temple.edu/undergrad/visitcampus/index.htm

Scholarships: http://www.temple.edu/sfs/scholarships.htm#newstudentsmp

Financial Aid:  http://www.temple.edu/sfs/

Religious Affiliation:  None

Academic Majors: http://temple.edu/academics/degree-programs

Housing:  http://www.temple.edu/studentaffairs/housing/

Greek Life:   Yes, http://www.temple.edu/studentaffairs/studentactivities/greek.html

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.temple.edu/studentaffairs/studentactivities/studentorgs/registered.html

Study Abroad: http://www.temple.edu/studyabroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.temple.edu/provost/careercenter/students/internship-job-search.html

Athletics: NCAA Division I-A   Varsity: http://owlsports.cstv.com/

Texas A & M University

College Station, Texas

Phone 1-979-845-3211


Admissions contact: admissions@tamu.edu

From humble beginnings in 1876 as Texas’ first public institution of higher learning, to a bustling 5,000-acre campus with 48,000-plus students and a nationally recognized faculty, Texas A&M University is one of a select few universities with land-grant, sea-grant and space-grant designations. With an enrollment of about half men and half women, 25 percent of the freshman class are the first in their family to attend college and 8,500 are graduate students. 

Admissions: http://admissions.tamu.edu/freshmen/default.aspx

Campus visits: http://visit.tamu.edu/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: https://financialaid.tamu.edu/

Academic Majors: http://admissions.tamu.edu/majors/

Housing: http://reslife.tamu.edu/options/

Greek Life: http://greeklife.tamu.edu/  58 organizations

Clubs/Activities: http://studentactivities.tamu.edu/online/search/index

Internships/Career Services: http://agrilifeextension.tamu.edu/about/jobs-careers/

Community Service: http://aglifesciences.tamu.edu/service-outreach/service-learning/

Study Abroad: http://studyabroad.tamu.edu/

Athletics: http://www.tamu.edu/athletics/index.html

Texas A & M University-Galveston

Galveston, Texas

Phone: 1-87-Sea-Aggie


Admissions Contact: seaaggie@tamug.edu    

Texas A&M University at Galveston (TAMUG) is a special purpose institution of higher education for undergraduate instruction in marine and maritime studies in science, engineering, and business and for research and public services related to the general field of marine resources.

The by-the-sea campus environment complements the unique curricular offerings. The atmosphere fostered by the faculty, staff and students emphasizes the intimate relationship between the University and the sea.  TAMUG is recognized nationally for academic excellence.

Admissions: http://www.tamug.edu/admissions/freshman/Admissions.html   

Campus visits: http://www.tamug.edu/admissions/Visit.html

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.tamug.edu/finaid/

Religious Affiliation:  None

Academic Majors: http://www.tamug.edu/academics/#degree_programs

Housing:  http://www.tamug.edu/stuact/Residential%20Life%20Office%20Main%20Page.htm

Greek Life:  None

Clubs/Activities: http://www.tamug.edu/stuact/

Community Service: http://www.tamug.edu/iscc/Outreach.html 

Internships/Career Services: http://www.tamug.edu/career/index.html 

Athletics: NCAA Division


Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, Texas                                            

Phone: 1-800-828-3764    


Admissions Contact: frogmail@tcu.edu     

With state-of-the-art facilities, 100-plus areas of study and scores of international programs, Texas Christian University offers big-school choices and amenities in a friendly, small-school culture where professors know students by name. Add a beautiful residential campus, engaging academic programs, research that makes a difference in the world and a spirited student body, and you have the exceptional 24/7 TCU experience.

Admissions: http://www.tcu.edu/admission.asp

Campus Visits: http://admissions.tcu.edu/visit/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.fam.tcu.edu/

Religious Affiliation:  Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Academic Majors: http://www.tcu.edu/academics.asp

Housing:  http://www.rlh.tcu.edu/

Greek Life:  http://www.greeks.tcu.edu/

Clubs/Activities:  http://tcu.orgsync.com/Organizations

Study Abroad: http://studyabroad.tcu.edu/

Community Service: http://involved.tcu.edu/community/

Internships/Career Services: http://careers.tcu.edu/events/

Athletics: http://www.gofrogs.com/

Texas Tech University

Lubbock, Texas

Phone: 1-806-834-2393


Admissions Contact: admissions@ttu.edu

As a public research university, Texas Tech advances knowledge through innovative and creative teaching, research, and scholarship. The university is dedicated to student success by preparing learners to be ethical leaders for a diverse and globally competitive workforce. The university is committed to enhancing the cultural and economic development of the state, nation, and world. Founded in 1923, Texas Tech is located on the South Plains of West Texas and carries the distinction of being the largest comprehensive higher education institution in the western two-thirds of the state of Texas.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.ttu.edu/   

Campus Visits: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/admissions/visit-events/index.php

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/financialaid/

Religious Affiliation: None

Academic Majors: http://www.ttu.edu/majors-and-colleges/undergraduate-majors/

Housing: http://housing.ttu.edu/ 

Greek Life: Yes, http://www.depts.ttu.edu/centerforcampuslife/GreekLife/ 

Clubs/Activities: http://ttu.orgsync.com/ 

Community Service: http://www.tlpd.ttu.edu/servicelearning/students/index.asp

Study Abroad: http://www.studyabroad.ttu.edu/ 

Internships/Career Services: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/rawlsbusiness/about/cmc/

Athletics: NCAA Division I-A    

Varsity: http://www.texastech.com/ 

The Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio

Phone:  1-614-292-3980   


Admissions Contact:  askabuckeye@osu.edu

Founded in 1870, The Ohio State University is a world-class public research university and the leading comprehensive teaching and research institution in the state of Ohio. With more than 52,000 students enrolled at its main Columbus campus, 18 colleges and 170 majors, the university offers its students exceptional breadth and depth of opportunity in the liberal arts, the sciences and the professions. A national research powerhouse, the university ranks seventh among all public universities in research expenditures and a remarkable second place when it comes to industry-sponsored research.

Admissions: http://undergrad.osu.edu/

Campus Visits: http://undergrad.osu.edu/visit/index.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://undergrad.osu.edu/cost-and-aid/financial-aid

Academic Majors: http://majors.osu.edu/search.aspx

Housing:  http://housing.osu.edu/

Greek Life:  https://ohiounion.osu.edu/get_involved/sorority_fraternity

Clubs/Activities:  http://activities.osu.edu/

Study Abroad: https://oia.osu.edu/education-abroad.html

Internships/Career Services: http://www.careerconnection.osu.edu/

Athletics: http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

Chicago, Illinois

Phone:  1-800-232-7242   


Admissions Contact: admiss@saic.edu

To provide excellence in the delivery of a global education in visual, design, media, and related arts, with attendant studies in the history and theory of those disciplines set within a broad-based humanistic curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences. To provide instruction for this education in a range of formats: written, spoken, media, and exhibition-based.

Admissions: http://www.saic.edu/admissions/ug_admiss/index.html 

Campus visits: http://www.saic.edu/admissions/visit/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.saic.edu/life/financial/financial_aid/index.html 

Religious Affiliation:  None

Academic Majors: http://www.saic.edu/degrees_resources/ug_degrees/index.html

Housing:  http://www.saic.edu/life/housing/index.html#overview

Clubs/Activities: http://www.saic.edu/lifeatsaic/campuslifeandinvolvement/studentorganizations/

Study Abroad: http://www.saic.edu/academics/studyabroadoff-campus/#saic

Studio Art/Visual Arts http://www.saic.edu/degrees_resources/ug_degrees/bavcs/index.html#

Drawing http://www.saic.edu/degrees_resources/departments/ptdw/index.html

Painting http://www.saic.edu/degrees_resources/departments/ptdw/index.html

Art History http://www.saic.edu/degrees_resources/ug_degrees/bfaah/index.html

Architecture http://www.saic.edu/degrees_resources/ug_degrees/bia/index.html

English/Writing http://www.saic.edu/degrees_resources/departments/writing/index.html

Trinity College      

Hartford, Connecticut

Phone: 1-860-297-2180     


Admissions Contact: admissions.office@trincoll.edu

Trinity College, one of two national, residential, liberal arts college located in a capital city, offers unique opportunities for combining classroom instruction with experiential learning and student-faculty research. Whether studying engineering, human rights, neuroscience or one of the 38 majors that integrate hands-on research, students expand their education through intellectual conversations and campus activities, engage with the city through internships and community service, and explore the wider world through our nine Global Sites.

Admissions: http://www.trincoll.edu/Admissions/

Campus Visits: http://www.trincoll.edu/Admissions/campusvisit/Pages/default.aspx

Scholarships & Financial Aid: http://www.trincoll.edu/Admissions/finaid/Pages/default.aspx 

Religious Affiliation:  None

Academic Majors: http://www.trincoll.edu/Academics/MajorsAndMinors/Pages/default.aspx

Housing: http://www.trincoll.edu/StudentLife/HousingDining/Pages/default.aspx

Greek Life:   https://trinity.collegiatelink.net/organization/ivysociety

Clubs/Activities: https://trinity.collegiatelink.net/organizations 

Community Service:  http://www.trincoll.edu/UrbanGlobal/communityservice/Pages/default.aspx

Study Abroad: http://www.trincoll.edu/UrbanGlobal/StudyAway/Pages/default.aspx

Internships/Career Services: http://www.trincoll.edu/Academics/CareerDevelopment/Pages/default.aspx

Athletics: NCAA Division III Varsity: http://athletics.trincoll.edu/landing/index

Trinity University

San Antonio, Texas

Phone: 1-800-TRINITY    


Admissions Contact: admissions@trinity.edu 

Trinity University is dedicated to creating a superior intellectual environment by: recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding faculty members dedicated to teaching, to scholarship and creative endeavor, and to service to the University and its community; identifying, and attracting talented and highly motivated students to its predominantly full-time, residential student body; and providing a supportive and challenging experience wherein students, faculty, and staff can realize the potential of their abilities and engage their responsibilities to others. Trinity respects its historic ties to the Presbyterian Church, with which it continues to have a covenant relationship.

Admissions: https://new.trinity.edu/admissions-aid

Campus visits: https://new.trinity.edu/admissions-aid/campus-visits-programs

Scholarships/Financial Aid: https://new.trinity.edu/admissions-aid/financial-aid 

Religious Affiliation:  Presbyterian Church

Academic Majors: http://trinity.edu/departments/public_relations/Academic/majors_minors.htm

Housing: https://new.trinity.edu/campus-life/residence-halls-dining

Greek Life: https://new.trinity.edu/campus-life/student-life-culture/fraternity-sorority-life

Clubs/Activities: https://new.trinity.edu/campus-life/getting-involved/student-organizations

Study Abroad: https://new.trinity.edu/academics/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: https://inside.trinity.edu/student-success/career-services/students

Athletics: https://new.trinity.edu/athletics

Tufts University

Medford, Massachusetts


Phone: 1-617-627-3170

Admissions Contact: undergraduate.admissions@tufts.edu

Tufts University’s focus on innovation and progressive thinking took root at its founding as a liberal arts college in 1852. Today, Tufts is recognized as a premier university dedicated to educating new leaders for our changing world. Superb teaching and world-class research equip graduates to address multi-faceted challenges around the globe. Creative cross-school collaborations and multidisciplinary centers engage students in seeking solutions to complex economic, health, political, and environmental issues.

Admissions: http://admissions.tufts.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.tufts.edu/visit/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.tufts.edu/tuition-and-aid/tuition-and-fees/

Academic Majors: http://admissions.tufts.edu/academics/majors-and-minors/

Housing: http://ase.tufts.edu/reslife/

Greek Life: http://uss.tufts.edu/studentAffairs/fraternitySororityLife/

Clubs/Activities: http://ocl.tufts.edu/student-orgs/

Study Abroad: http://uss.tufts.edu/studyabroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://careers.tufts.edu/students/internships/

Athletics: http://www.gotuftsjumbos.com/landing/index

Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana


Phone: 1-800-873-WAVE (9283)

Admissions Representative: undergrad.admission@tulane.edu

Tulane’s purpose is to create, communicate, and conserve knowledge in order to enrich the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to think, to learn, and to act and lead with integrity and wisdom. Tulane pursues this mission by cultivating an environment that focuses on learning and the generation of new knowledge; by expecting and rewarding teaching and research of extraordinarily high quality and impact; and by fostering community-building initiatives as well as scientific, cultural and social understanding that integrate with and strengthen learning and research.

Admissions: http://admission.tulane.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admission.tulane.edu/visit/index.php

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admission.tulane.edu/aid/index.php

Academic Majors: http://admission.tulane.edu/academics/majors.php

Housing: http://admission.tulane.edu/about/studentlife/housing.php

Greek Life: http://tulane.edu/studentaffairs/greek/

Clubs/Activities: http://tulane.edu/studentaffairs/studentprograms/adviser-list.cfm

Study Abroad: http://tulane.edu/college/study_abroad.cfm

Internships/Career Services:  http://tulane.edu/hiretulane

Athletics: http://tulanegreenwave.com/index.aspx

University of California-Berkeley

Berkeley, California

Phone: 1-510-642-6000


Admissions Contact: admissions@berkeley.edu

The University of California was chartered in 1868 and its flagship campus — envisioned as a “City of Learning” — was established at Berkeley, on San Francisco Bay. Today the world’s premier public university and a wellspring of innovation, UC Berkeley occupies a 1,232 acre campus with a sylvan 178-acre central core. From this home its academic community makes key contributions to the economic and social well-being of the Bay Area, California, and the nation.

Admissions: http://admissions.berkeley.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.berkeley.edu/planyourvisit

Scholarship/Financial Aid: http://admissions.berkeley.edu/applyfinancialaid

2013 Out of State Admit Rate: 24.5%

Academic Majors: http://www.berkeley.edu/academics/dept/a.shtml

Housing: http://www.housing.berkeley.edu/housing/

Greek Life: http://www.calgreeks.com/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.berkeley.edu/life/org.shtml

Study Abroad: http://studyabroad.berkeley.edu/

Internships/Career Services: https://career.berkeley.edu/

Athletics: http://www.calbears.com/

University of California Davis

Davis, California

Phone: 1-530-752-2971


Admissions Contact: undergraduateadmissions@ucdavis.edu

UC Davis is one of the nation’s top public research universities and is part of the world’s pre-eminent public university system. The campus is set in the heart of the Central Valley, close to the state capital and San Francisco Bay Area. As one of the last “small-town universities,” we cherish our close relationships on campus and within the Davis community. The University of California, Davis, is first and foremost an institution of learning and teaching, committed to serving the needs of society.

Admissions: http://admissions.ucdavis.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.ucdavis.edu/visit/index.cfm

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.ucdavis.edu/cost/financial_aid.cfm

Academic Majors: http://admissions.ucdavis.edu/academics/majors.cfm

Housing: https://www.ucdavis.edu/campus-life/housing    

Greek Life: http://greeklife.ucdavis.edu

Clubs/Activities: http://csi.ucdavis.edu/find-a-student-org

Study Abroad: https://www.ucdavis.edu/academics/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: https://iccweb.ucdavis.edu/

Athletics: https://www.ucdavis.edu/campus-life/athletics-sports

University of California-Irvine

Irvine, California

Phone:  1-949-824-6703


Admissions Contact: admissions@uci.edu 

Founded in 1965, the University of California, Irvine combines the strengths of a major research university with the bounty of an incomparable Southern California location. Despite this year’s unprecedented fiscal challenges, UCI’s unyielding commitment to cutting-edge research, teaching, learning and creativity makes the campus a driving force for innovation and discovery that benefits our local, national and global communities in many ways.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.uci.edu/index.html

Campus Visits: http://www.campustours.uci.edu/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.ofas.uci.edu/content/default.aspx

Academic Majors: http://www.admissions.uci.edu/study/programs.php 

Housing:  http://www.housing.uci.edu

Greek Life:  http://greeklife.uci.edu/

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.campusorgs.uci.edu

Study Abroad: http://www.cie.uci.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.career.uci.edu

Athletics: http://ucirvinesports.com/landing/index

University of California- Merced

Merced, California

Phone: 1-209-228-7178


Admissions: admissions@ucmerced.edu

Opening in 2005 as the newest campus of the University of California, UC Merced continually strives for excellence in carrying out the university’s mission of teaching, research Opens a New Window. And public service Opens a New Window benefiting society by discovering and transmitting new knowledge and functioning as an active repository of organized knowledge. As a key tenet in carrying out this mission, UC Merced promotes and celebrates the diversity Opens a New Window. of all members of its community.

Admissions: http://www.ucmerced.edu/admissions

Campus Visits: http://admissions.ucmerced.edu/visit-us

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://financialaid.ucmerced.edu/

Academic Majors: http://www.ucmerced.edu/admissions-majors-and-minors

Housing: http://www.ucmerced.edu/housing 

Greek Life:  http://fraternitysorority.ucmerced.edu/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.ucmerced.edu/clubs-and-organizations   

Study Abroad: http://www.ucmerced.edu/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://hire.ucmerced.edu/ 

Athletics: http://www.ucmerced.edu/athletics-and-recreation

University of California-Santa Cruz      

Santa Cruz, California

Phone:  1-831-459-4008    


Admissions Contact: admissions@ucsc.edu 

The University of California, Santa Cruz, opened in 1965 and grew, one college at a time, to its current (2007-08) enrollment of more than 15,000 students. Undergraduates pursue 63 majors supervised by divisional deans of humanities, physical & biological sciences, social sciences, and arts. In addition to their course work on campus, many UCSC students participate in fieldwork and exchange programs. Off-campus internships are an integral part of programs in community studies, economics, environmental studies, health sciences, Latin American and Latino studies, psychology, and teacher education.

Admissions: http://admissions.ucsc.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.ucsc.edu/visit/index.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www2.ucsc.edu/fin-aid/

Academic Majors: http://admissions.ucsc.edu/discover/majors/

Housing:  http://housing.ucsc.edu/

Greek Life: http://aarcc.ucsc.edu/student-life/greek-life.html 

Clubs/Activities: http://admissions.ucsc.edu/why-ucsc/organizations.html

Study Abroad: http://oie.ucsc.edu/index.html

Internships/Career Services: http://careers.ucsc.edu/index.html

Athletics: http://www.goslugs.com/landing/index

University of California-Los Angeles  

Los Angeles, California

Phone: 1-310-825-3101


Admissions Contact: http://www.admission.ucla.edu/contactus.htm 

UCLA’s primary purpose as a public research university is the creation, dissemination, preservation, and application of knowledge for the betterment of our global society. To fulfill this mission, UCLA is committed to academic freedom in its fullest terms: we value open access to information, free and lively debate conducted with mutual respect for individuals, and freedom from intolerance. In all of our pursuits, we strive at once for excellence and diversity, recognizing that openness and inclusion produce true quality.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.ucla.edu/

Campus Visits: http://www.admissions.ucla.edu/tours.htm

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.ucla.edu/admission/affordability

Academic Majors: http://www.admissions.ucla.edu/prospect/coll_sch.htm

Housing: http://www.ucla.edu/campus-life/housing-and-dining

Greek Life: http://www.greeklife.ucla.edu/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.studentgroups.ucla.edu

Study Abroad: http://www.ieo.ucla.edu/EAP/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.ucla.edu/about/careers

Athletics: http://www.ucla.edu/athletics

University of Connecticut

Storrs, Connecticut

Phone: 1-860-486-3137


Admissions Contact: beahusky@uconn.edu

The University of Connecticut is one of the top public research universities in the nation, with more than 30,000 students pursuing answers to critical questions in labs, lecture halls, and the community. Knowledge exploration throughout the University’s network of campuses is united by a culture of innovation. An unprecedented commitment from the state of Connecticut ensures UConn attracts internationally renowned faculty and the world’s brightest students. A tradition of coaching winning athletes makes UConn a standout in Division l sports and fuels our academic spirit. As a vibrant, progressive leader, UConn fosters a diverse and dynamic culture that meets the challenges of a changing global society.

Admissions: http://admissions.uconn.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.uconn.edu/visit/storrs

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.uconn.edu/cost-aid/financial-aid

Academic Majors: http://admissions.uconn.edu/academics/majors-minors

Housing:  http://admissions.uconn.edu/campus-life/living 

Greek Life:  http://greeklife.uconn.edu/

Clubs/Activities: http://studentactivities.uconn.edu/    

Study Abroad: http://production.wordpress.uconn.edu/studyabroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://career.uconn.edu/

Athletics: http://www.uconnhuskies.com/

University of California- Riverside 

Riverside, California

Phone: 1-951-827-3411


Admissions Contact: admissions@ucr.edu 

The University of California, Riverside is one of 10 universities within the prestigious University of California system, and the only UC located in Inland Southern California.  Widely recognized as one of the most ethnically diverse research universities in the nation, UCR currently hosts about 22,000 students, with 900 instructional faculty, including 660 ladder-rank faculty. Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox and Provost Paul J. D’Anieri are implementing plans for an aggressive expansion of the faculty, planning to bring an additional 300 ladder-rank faculty onboard.

We are located approximately 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. UCR is also within easy driving distance of dozens of major cultural and recreational sites, as well as desert, mountain and coastal destinations.

Admissions: http://admissions.ucr.edu/Admissions

Campus Visits: http://admissions.ucr.edu/VisitUCR

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.ucr.edu/PayingForCollege/financialAidScholarships 

Academic Majors: http://admissions.ucr.edu/Academics/collegesSchoolsMajors

Housing:  http://housing.ucr.edu/

Greek Life: None

Clubs/Activities: http://studentlife.ucr.edu/student-organizations/student-organization-list.html   

Study Abroad: http://studyabroad.ucr.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.careers.ucr.edu/ 

Athletics: http://www.gohighlanders.com/

University of California-Santa Barbara    

Santa Barbara, California                  

Phone: 1-805-893-2881             http://www.ucsb.edu/                                                                                                                                        Admissions Contact: admissions@sa.ucsb.edu 

The University of California, Santa Barbara is a leading research institution that also provides a comprehensive liberal arts learning experience. Because teaching and research go hand in hand at UC Santa Barbara, students are full participants in an educational journey of discovery that stimulates independent thought, critical reasoning, and creativity. The academic community of faculty, students, and staff is characterized by a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration that is responsive to the needs of our multicultural and global society. The commitment to public service is manifested through the creation and distribution of knowledge that advances the well-being of our state, nation, and world.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.ucsb.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.sa.ucsb.edu/visit-ucsb 

Scholarship/Financial Aid:  http://www.finaid.ucsb.edu/

Academic Majors: http://admissions.sa.ucsb.edu/why-ucsb/majors

Housing:  http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/

Greek Life:  http://www.sa.ucsb.edu/osl/GreekLife/index.aspx

Clubs/Activities: http://admissions.sa.ucsb.edu/our-location/student-life 

Study Abroad: http://www.eap.ucsb.edu/

Internships/Career Center: http://career.sa.ucsb.edu/internships

Athletics: http://admissions.sa.ucsb.edu/docs/default-source/PDFs/sports_rec_2014.pdf

University of California San Diego

La Jolla, California

Phone:  1-858-534-4831   


Admissions Contact: admissionsinfo@ucsd.edu

To foster the best possible working and learning environment, UCSD strives to maintain a climate of fairness, cooperation, and professionalism. These principles of community are vital to the success of the university and the well-being of its constituents. UCSD faculty, staff, and students are expected to practice these basic principles as individuals and in groups. We value each member of the UCSD community for his or her individual and unique talents, and applaud all efforts to enhance the quality of campus life. We recognize that each individual’s effort is vital to achieving the goals of the university.

Admissions: http://admissions.ucsd.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.ucsd.edu/tours/index.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.ucsd.edu/finances/index.html

Academic Majors: http://ucsd.edu/academics-detail.html

Housing: https://hdh.ucsd.edu/housing/incoming/pages/

Greek Life:  https://students.ucsd.edu/student-life/involvement/greek-life/

Clubs/Activities: https://warren.ucsd.edu/res-life/sac.html

Study Abroad: http://programsabroad.ucsd.edu/pao/students.htm

Internships/Career Services: http://career.ucsd.edu/

Athletics: http://athletics.ucsd.edu/

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Phone: 1-919-966-3621


Admissions Contact: unchelp@admissions.unc.edu


The mission of the University is to serve all the people of the state, and indeed the nation, as a center for scholarship and creative endeavor. The University exists to teach students at all levels in an environment of research, free inquiry and personal responsibility; to expand the body of knowledge; to improve the condition of human life through service and publication; and to enrich the culture.

Admissions: http://admissions.unc.edu/

Campus Visits: http://www.admissions.unc.edu/Visit/default.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://studentaid.unc.edu/

Academic Majors: http://curricula.unc.edu/students/majors/

Housing: http://www.unc.edu/interactive-tour/campus/housing/

Greek Life: https://ofslci.unc.edu/

Clubs/Activities: https://studentlife.unc.edu/organizations

Study Abroad: http://studyabroad.unc.edu/studyabroad.cfm

Internships/Career Services: https://careers.unc.edu/students/internship-search

Athletics: http://www.unc.edu/athletics/

Union College   

Schenectady, New York

Phone:  1-518-388-6112     


Admissions Contact: admissions@union.edu 

At Union, you’ll find a vibrant community of learners and scholars, of people whose ambition, energy and desire to make things happen are contagious. In our academic buildings, Minerva Houses, labs, library, studios and recital rooms – pretty much anywhere you go on this historic campus – you will feel the intellectual and creative spark. Our tradition and history provide a rock-solid foundation for innovation and inspire us to do great things.

Admissions: http://www.union.edu/admissions/

Campus Visits: http://www.union.edu/admissions/visit/index.php

Financial Aid/Scholarships: https://www.union.edu/offices/finaid/

Academic Majors: http://www.union.edu/academic/majors-minors/ 

Housing:  https://www.union.edu/campus/life/housing/

Greek Life: http://www.union.edu/offices/fraternity-sorority

Clubs/Activities: http://www.union.edu/offices/student-activities/clubs-organizations/index.php

Study Abroad: https://www.union.edu/academic/abroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.union.edu/offices/career/students/internships/index.php

Athletics: http://www.unionathletics.com/?_ga=1.17793146.2104788955.1475527013

Unity College

Unity, Maine

Phone: 1-800-624-1024


Admissions Contact: admissions@unity.edu

Through the framework of sustainability science, Unity College provides a liberal arts education that emphasizes the environment and natural resources. Through experiential and collaborative learning, our graduates emerge as responsible citizens, environmental stewards, and visionary leaders.

Admissions: http://www.unity.edu/admissions

Campus Visits: http://www.unity.edu/admissions/visiting

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.unity.edu/admissions/financial_aid

Religious Affiliation: None

Academic Majors: http://www.unity.edu/academics/majors

Housing: http://www.unity.edu/student_life/residence_life/halls

Clubs/Activities: http://www.unity.edu/student_life/student_activities/organizations

Study Abroad: http://www.unity.edu/academics/career-services/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: https://www.unity.edu/development/alumni_benefits/career_services

Athletics: https://www.unity.edu/student-life/athletics

University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Phone: 1-800-933-BAMA (2262)


Admissions Contact: https://gobama.ua.edu/contact/

The University of Alabama is a student-centered research university and an academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians.

Founded in 1831 as Alabama’s first public college, The University of Alabama is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service. We provide a creative, nurturing campus environment where our students can become the best individuals possible, can learn from the best and brightest faculty, and can make a positive difference in the community, the state and the world.

Admissions: http://gobama.ua.edu/

Campus Visits: http://gobama.ua.edu/visits/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://financialaid.ua.edu/

Academic Majors: http://www.ua.edu/majors/

Housing: http://housing.ua.edu/

Greek Life: http://greekaffairs.ua.edu

Clubs/Activities: https://ua.collegiatelink.net/organizations

Study Abroad: http://studyabroad.ua.edu/

Community Service: https://www.ua.edu/outreach/#community

Internships/Career Services: https://career.sa.ua.edu/

Athletics: https://www.ua.edu/athletics/

University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona

Phone: 1-888-566-CATS (2287)      


Admissions Contact: admissions@arizona.edu

The University of Arizona is the leading public research university in the American Southwest. The UA produces more than $530 million in annual research and is the state’s only member of the prestigious Association of American Universities. This is a diverse community of people who thrive on innovation and collaboration. Our world-class faculty creates discoveries that improve the human condition and fuel the state’s economy. Our research enterprise provides undergraduate students with opportunities for hands-on experiences that can be found in few universities in the world. As the state’s land-grant university, our research and resources enrich communities around the state and around the world.

Admissions: http://admissions.arizona.edu/freshmen

Campus Visits: http://www.arizona.edu/visit-ua    

Financial Aid/Scholarships: https://financialaid.arizona.edu/

Academic Majors: http://degreesearch.arizona.edu/ 

Housing:  http://www.life.arizona.edu/

Greek Life:  http://greek.arizona.edu/

Clubs/Activities: http://clubs.arizona.edu/

Study Abroad: http://global.arizona.edu/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.career.arizona.edu/jobs-internships

Athletics: http://www.arizona.edu/topics/athletics-recreation

University of Arizona

Tucson, Arizona

Phone: 1-888-566-CATS (2287)      


Admissions Contact: admissions@arizona.edu

The University of Arizona is the leading public research university in the American Southwest. The UA produces more than $530 million in annual research and is the state’s only member of the prestigious Association of American Universities. This is a diverse community of people who thrive on innovation and collaboration. Our world-class faculty creates discoveries that improve the human condition and fuel the state’s economy. Our research enterprise provides undergraduate students with opportunities for hands-on experiences that can be found in few universities in the world. As the state’s land-grant university, our research and resources enrich communities around the state and around the world.

Admissions: http://admissions.arizona.edu/freshmen

Campus Visits: http://www.arizona.edu/visit-ua    

Financial Aid/Scholarships: https://financialaid.arizona.edu/

Academic Majors: http://degreesearch.arizona.edu/ 

Housing:  http://www.life.arizona.edu/

Greek Life:  http://greek.arizona.edu/

Clubs/Activities: http://clubs.arizona.edu/

Study Abroad: http://global.arizona.edu/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.career.arizona.edu/jobs-internships

Athletics: http://www.arizona.edu/topics/athletics-recreation

University of Chicago 

Chicago, Illinois

Phone: 1-773-702-8650    


Admissions Contact: collegeadmissions@uchicago.edu 

The undergraduate program is known for its emphasis on critical thinking and broad interdisciplinary exposure to the full range of intellectual discovery. The college classrooms have a reputation for being hotbeds of exhilarating discourse. The University of Chicago believes in the power of ideas. It is through the unfettered pursuit of knowledge that the University and its scholars, scientists, and educators make a profound and lasting impact upon the world.

Admissions: https://collegeadmissions.uchicago.edu

Campus visits: https://collegeadmissions.uchicago.edu/visiting/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://collegeaid.uchicago.edu/

Religious Affiliation:  None

Academic Majors: http://college.uchicago.edu/academics-advising/majors-minors

Housing: http://housing.uchicago.edu/ 

Greek Life: http://college.uchicago.edu/student-life/greek-life

Clubs/Activities: https://leadership.uchicago.edu/get-involved/

Study Abroad: http://study-abroad.uchicago.edu

Internships/Career Services: https://caps.uchicago.edu/undergrads

Athletics: http://athletics.uchicago.edu/athletics/index

University of Colorado Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

Phone:  1-303-492-7560


Admissions Representative: apply@colorado.edu

The Boulder campus of the University of Colorado shall be a comprehensive graduate research university with selective admissions standards. The Boulder campus of the University of Colorado shall offer a comprehensive array of undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree programs. At CU-Boulder, we recognize the exceptional opportunities associated with our role as a research university, and we value the unique strength and character research achievements bring to undergraduate education.

Admissions: http://www.colorado.edu/admissions

Campus Visits: http://www.colorado.edu/visit/admissions

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.colorado.edu/finaid/

Academic Majors: http://www.colorado.edu/academics/programs

Housing: http://www.colorado.edu/admissions/undergraduate/lifeatcu/housing

Greek Life: http://www.colorado.edu/greeks/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.colorado.edu/campus-life/getting-involved

Community Service: http://www.colorado.edu/community/

Study Abroad: http://studyabroad.colorado.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.colorado.edu/career/

Athletics: http://www.cubuffs.com/

University of Connecticut

Storrs, Connecticut

Phone: 1-860-486-3137


Admissions Contact: beahusky@uconn.edu 

The University of Connecticut is one of the top public research universities in the nation, with more than 30,000 students pursuing answers to critical questions in labs, lecture halls, and the community. Knowledge exploration throughout the University’s network of campuses is united by a culture of innovation. An unprecedented commitment from the state of Connecticut ensures UConn attracts internationally renowned faculty and the world’s brightest students. A tradition of coaching winning athletes makes UConn a standout in Division l sports and fuels our academic spirit. As a vibrant, progressive leader, UConn fosters a diverse and dynamic culture that meets the challenges of a changing global society.

Admissions: http://admissions.uconn.edu/ 

Campus Visits: http://admissions.uconn.edu/visit/storrs 

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.uconn.edu/cost-aid/financial-aid 

Academic Majors: http://admissions.uconn.edu/academics/majors-minors 

Housing:  http://admissions.uconn.edu/campus-life/living   

Greek Life:  http://greeklife.uconn.edu/ 

Clubs/Activities: http://studentactivities.uconn.edu/     

Study Abroad: http://production.wordpress.uconn.edu/studyabroad/ 

Internships/Career Services: http://career.uconn.edu/   

Athletics: http://www.uconnhuskies.com/ 

University of Delaware

Newark, Delaware

Phone: 1-302-831-2792


Admissions Contact: admissions@udel.edu

Our alumni tell our story of achievement — from the first class that included three signers of the Declaration of Independence and a signer of the Constitution to a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, a Tony Award-winning choreographer and the current vice president of the United States.

Our distinguished faculty includes internationally known authors, scientists and artists. State-of-the-art facilities support UD’s academic, research and service activities.

Admissions: http://www.udel.edu/apply/undergraduate-admissions/

Campus Visits: http://www.udel.edu/apply/undergraduate-admissions/plan-your-visit/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.udel.edu/apply/undergraduate-admissions/financing-your-degree/   

Academic Majors: http://www.udel.edu/apply/undergraduate-admissions/major-finder/?utm_source=About&utm_medium=Callout&utm_campaign=Major_Finder

Housing: http://www1.udel.edu/reslife/explore_housing/housing_experience.html 

Greek Life: http://sites.udel.edu/usc/involved/ 

Clubs/Activities:  https://udel.collegiatelink.net/organizations 

Study Abroad: http://international.udel.edu/DB/PUB_ProgramList.aspx

Internships/Career Services: http://www1.udel.edu/CSC/

Athletics: http://www.bluehens.com/

University of Denver

Denver, Colorado                

Phone: 1-800-525-9495                  


Admissions Contact: admission@du.edu 

The oldest and largest private university in the Rocky Mountain region, the University of Denver is located in a cosmopolitan city but close to mountain wilderness. DU is distinguished by undergraduate, graduate and professional programs that offer students close interaction with faculty; its innovative approaches to teaching; its vibrant, active campus community; and its dedication to serving the public good. Student life is characterized by student activities, clubs and organizations, and support services that cultivate students’ love of learning framed in the context of ethical and caring behavior and respect for difference. In all our programs and services, we seek to serve the public good.

Admissions: http://www.du.edu/apply/admission/index.html

Campus visits: http://www.du.edu/apply/admission/visit/index.html

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.du.edu/finaid/index.html

Religious Affiliation:  United Methodist Church

Academic Majors:   http://www.du.edu/learn/undergraduates/degreeprograms.html

Housing:  http://www.du.edu/housing/     

Greek Life: http://dufsl.orgsync.com/# 

Clubs/Activities: http://www.du.edu/live/clubsandorganizations.html

Study Abroad: http://www.du.edu/intl/abroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.du.edu/studentlife/career/student/search.html

Athletics:  http://www.denverpioneers.com/#00

University of Evansville

Evansville, Indiana

Phone: 1-800-423-8633


Admissions Contact: uerelations@evansville.edu

Established in 1854, the University of Evansville offers more than 80 areas of study and a vibrant campus community with more than 150 student organizations and NCAA Division I athletics. More than half of students study abroad at Harlaxton College, the University’s British campus, or other destinations. About 2,300 full-time undergraduates from 41 states and 54 countries are enrolled. But the UE experience is more than just a strong education; it’s preparation for your career, with 94 percent of students completing at least one internship or co-op in their field and a dedicated Center for Career Development to help you plan for the future. It’s a close-knit community where you will create and build lifelong connections. And it’s a global experience, thanks to our nationally ranked study abroad program.

Admissions: https://www.evansville.edu/admission/applyfirsttime.cfm

Campus Visits: http://evansville.edu/visit/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://evansville.edu/tuitionandaid/

Religious Affiliation: none

Academic Majors: http://evansville.edu/majors/

Housing: http://evansville.edu/residencelife/

Greek Life: 29% of students participate http://www.evansville.edu/studentengagement/greekLife.cfm

Clubs/Activities: http://www.evansville.edu/studentengagement/organizations.cfm

Study Abroad: http://www.evansville.edu/studyabroad/

Internships Career Services: http://evansville.edu/careerdevelopment/

Athletics: https://www.evansville.edu/athletics/

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida

Phone: 1-352-392-1365


Admissions Representative:  freshman@ufl.edu

The university encompasses virtually all academic and professional disciplines. It is the largest and oldest of Florida’s eleven universities and is a member of the Association of American Universities. Its faculty and staff are dedicated to the common pursuit of the university’s threefold mission: teaching, research and service. The University of Florida belongs to a tradition of great universities. Together with our undergraduate and graduate students, UF faculty participate in an educational process that links the history of Western Europe with the traditions and cultures of all societies, explores the physical and biological universes, and nurtures generations of young people from diverse backgrounds to address the needs of our societies.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/ 

Campus Visits: http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/visitinguf.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/afford/scholarships

Academic Majors: http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/learn/ugradmajors

Housing: http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/live/housing

Greek Life: Yes, 20% fraternities, 21% sororities


Clubs/Activities: http://www.union.ufl.edu/involvement/search/

Community Service: http://www.leadershipandservice.ufl.edu/ 

Study Abroad: https://www.ufic.ufl.edu/SAS/ProgramSearch.html

Internships/Career Services: https://www.crc.ufl.edu/students/prepare-for-your-search/industry-resources/

Athletics: NCAA Division I-A

Varsity: http://www.gatorzone.com/

University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Phone: 1-706-542-8776


Admissions Contact: https://www1.admissions.uga.edu/meetthestaff/CounselorProfile 

The University of Georgia, a land-grant and sea-grant university with statewide commitments and responsibilities is the state’s oldest, most comprehensive and most diversified institution of higher education. Its motto, “to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things,” reflects the University’s integral and unique role in the conservation and enhancement of the state’s and nation’s intellectual, cultural, and environmental heritage.

Admissions: https://www.admissions.uga.edu/index.html

Campus Visits: https://www.admissions.uga.edu/article/visit-uga.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://osfa.uga.edu/index.html

Academic Majors: http://bulletin.uga.edu/Bulletin_Files/discipline_listing.html (list, no hotlinks)

Housing: https://housing.uga.edu/site/housing   

Greek Life:  http://greeklife.uga.edu/ 

Clubs/Activities: https://involvement.uga.edu/

Study Abroad: http://goabroad.uga.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://career.uga.edu/job_search/internships/

Athletics: http://www.georgiadogs.com/

University of Hartford

West Hartford, Connecticut

Phone: 1-860-768-4100


Admissions Contact: admission@hartford.edu

Now in its sixth decade, the University of Hartford sits proudly on a 350-acre main campus that includes parts of Hartford, West Hartford, and Bloomfield, Conn. It provides a beautifully landscaped vista with grassy expanses and wooded areas with a branch of the Park River winding through it. Despite its bucolic setting and relatively small size, UHart offers a dynamic student experience charged with diversity in its programs, activities, and student body. International and U.S. students of color comprise nearly 30 percent of all undergraduates. The University of Hartford provides a robust, distinctive educational experience for its more than 5,000 undergraduate and 1,600 graduate students. Distinguished faculty provide rigorous instruction as well as research, performance, and internship opportunities in more than 100 degree programs in the arts, humanities, business, engineering and technology, education, and health professions. With students from 48 states and 63 countries, we are a university for the world.

Admissions: http://admission.hartford.edu/index.html

Campus Visits: http://admission.hartford.edu/visiting/visitus.html

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://admission.hartford.edu/finaid/grants_scholarships.html

Academic Majors: http://hartford.edu/academics/AreasofStudy/UndergraduatePrograms-listingpage/default.aspx

Housing: http://hartford.edu/res_life/living_on_campus/residence_halls/default.aspx

Greek Life: http://www.hartford.edu/student_affairs/departments/student_activities/greek_life/default.aspx

Clubs/Activities: http://hartford.edu/clubs-organizations/list-club.aspx

Study Abroad: http://www.hartford.edu/international-center/study-abroad/default.aspx

Internships Career Services: http://hartford.edu/career_services/default.aspx

Athletics: http://www.hartford.edu/athletics/default.aspx

University of Hawai’i-Manoa

Honolulu, Hawai’i

Phone: 800-823-9771 (Toll-Free)


Admissions Contact: manoa.admissions@hawaii.edu

Manoa is a premier research institution whose scholars are leaders in their disciplines and whose students are prepared for leadership roles in society.  Manoa strives for excellence in teaching, research, and public service.   Manoa is an innovative institution, comfortable with change.  Manoa celebrates its diversity and uniqueness as a Hawaiian place of learning.  We build on our strengths including our unparalleled natural environment and tradition of outstanding Asia-Pacific scholarship.

Admissions: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/admissions/undergrad/

Campus Visits: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/admissions/undergrad/visit/index.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/admissions/undergrad/financing/index.html

Academic Majors: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/academics/departments.html

Housing: http://www.housing.hawaii.edu/

Greek Life: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~isc/Welcome.html

Clubs/Activities: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/campus_life/ (Left Hand side)

Study Abroad: http://www.studyabroad.org/

Internships/Career Services: http://shidler.hawaii.edu/careers

Athletics: http://hawaiiathletics.com/splash.aspx?id=splash_237

University of Idaho     

Moscow, Idaho

Phone: 1-208-885-6326      


Admissions Contact: admissions@uidaho.edu

The University of Idaho is leading the West by providing you access to exceptional learning opportunities, world-class facilities and an unparalleled residential community. Our campus in Moscow, Idaho, provides daily opportunities to share in our community and culture. Whether it’s through athletics, student government, research or other activities, at the University of Idaho you have the opportunity to make more out of your college experience than you ever thought possible.

Admissions: http://www.uidaho.edu/admissions.aspx  

Campus Visits: http://www.uidaho.edu/prospective-students/visit-uidaho

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.uidaho.edu/financialaid

Academic Majors: http://www.uidaho.edu/degree-finder/az-index

Housing:  http://www.uidaho.edu/student-life/housing

Greek Life: http://www.uidaho.edu/student-life/greek 

Clubs/Activities: http://www.uidaho.edu/current-students/student-involvement/clubs

Study Abroad: https://www.uidaho.edu/academic-affairs/ipo/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.uidaho.edu/careercenter

Athletics:  http://www.govandals.com/index.aspx

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Champaign, Illinois

Phone: 1-217-333-1000


Admissions Contact: admissions@illinois.edu

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a meeting place for great scholars, great ideas, and great accomplishments across a broad range of disciplines. As an introduction to the campus, please spend some time here to explore Illinois, meet its people, and hear their stories.

Admissions: http://admissions.illinois.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.illinois.edu/visit/index.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.illinois.edu/Invest/financial-aid

Academic Majors: http://admissions.illinois.edu/Discover/Academics/majors_alpha

Housing: http://admissions.illinois.edu/campuslife/housing.html

Clubs/Activities:  http://studentaffairs.illinois.edu/collaborations/campus-committees-and-boards

Study Abroad:  http://admissions.illinois.edu/Discover/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.careercenter.illinois.edu/

Athletics: http://illinois.edu/athletics/index.html 

The University of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa

Phone: 1-319-335-3500


Admissions Contact: admissions@uiowa.edu 

With just over 31,000 students, the University of Iowa is one of the nation’s top public research universities, a member of the Big Ten conference since 1899, and an Association of American Universities member since 1909.

Iowa is known around the world for its balanced commitment to the arts, sciences, and humanities. It’s home to one of the nation’s largest academic medical centers, the pioneering Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and hundreds of options for affordable, accessible education.

The University of Iowa is located in the casual yet cosmopolitan environment of Iowa City, widely recognized as one of the country’s most livable communities.

Admissions: https://admissions.uiowa.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.uiowa.edu/visit-campus

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://admissions.uiowa.edu/finances

Academic Majors: http://admissions.uiowa.edu/academics/undergraduate-areas-of-study

Housing: http://admissions.uiowa.edu/student-life/residence-halls

Greek Life: http://uiowafsl.com/

Clubs/Activities:  http://uiowa.orgsync.com/

Study Abroad: http://international.uiowa.edu/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://careers.uiowa.edu/employers/internships

Athletics: https://uiowa.edu/athletics

University of LaVerne  

La Verne, California

Phone: 1-800-876-4858    


Admissions Contact: admission@laverne.edu 

Since 1891, the University of La Verne has been dedicated to the belief that a quality, values-based education enriches the human condition by engendering service, scholarly accomplishment, and professionalism. Though decades of growth have changed its appearance and reach, La Verne has retained its sense of purpose, seeking to provide students with individual attention to spark personal growth through intellectual challenge and development.

Admissions: http://laverne.edu/admission/undergraduate/ 

Campus visits: http://laverne.edu/admission/undergraduate/visit/ 

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://sites.laverne.edu/financial-aid/

Academic Majors: http://laverne.edu/catalog/

Housing: http://sites.laverne.edu/housing/

Greek Life: Yes, three fraternities and four sororities    http://sites.laverne.edu/student-life/greek-life/

Clubs/Activities: http://sites.laverne.edu/student-life/clubs/list-of-clubs/

Study Abroad: http://sites.laverne.edu/study-abroad/semester-and-year-long-programs/

Career Services/Internships: http://sites.laverne.edu/careers/undergraduates/ 

Athletics: http://www.leopardathletics.com/landing/index

University of Maryland-College Park

College Park, Maryland

Phone: 1-800-422-5867


Admissions Contact: applyMaryland@umd.edu   

The University of Maryland, College Park is a public research university, the flagship campus of the University System of Maryland, and the original 1862 land-grant institution in the State. It is one of only 62 members of the Association of American Universities, an organization composed of the leading research universities in the United States and Canada. The University of Maryland is committed to achieving excellence as the State’s primary center of research and graduate education and the institution of choice for undergraduate students of exceptional ability and promise.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.umd.edu/apply/

Campus Visits: http://www.admissions.umd.edu/visit/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.admissions.umd.edu/finance/

Academic Majors: http://www.admissions.umd.edu/learn/majors.php

Housing:  http://reslife.umd.edu/

Greek Life: http://greek.umd.edu/ 

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.studentaffairs.umd.edu/student-life/get-involved 

Community Service: http://www.csl.umd.edu

Study Abroad: http://www.international.umd.edu/studyabroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.careercenter.umd.edu/section.cfm?section_id=1

Athletics:  NCAA I-A

Varsity: http://www.umterps.com

University of Massachusetts-Amherst 

Amherst, Massachusetts

Phone: 1-413-545-0111


Admissions Contact: mail@admissions.umass.edu

UMass Amherst is one of the major public research universities in America. Nestled in idyllic Amherst, Massachusetts, the campus is consistently ranked among the top public research universities in the nation, and offers a rich cultural environment in a rural setting close to major urban centers.

Admissions: https://www.umass.edu/admissions/

Visits: https://www.umass.edu/admissions/visits

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.umass.edu/umfa/

Academic Majors: http://www.umass.edu/gateway/academics/undergraduate

Housing: http://www.umass.edu/living/

Greek Life: http://www.umass.edu/studentlife/involved/fraternities-and-sororities

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Study Abroad: http://www.umass.edu/ipo/education-abroad

Internships/Career services: http://www.umass.edu/careers/

Athletics: http://www.umassathletics.com/

University of Miami

Coral Gables, Florida

Phone: 1-305-284-4323


Admissions contact: admission@miami.edu

Committed to excellence, the University of Miami is a private research university with approximately 10,000 undergraduate students and 5,000 graduate students. Our mission is to educate and nurture students, to create knowledge and provide service to our community and beyond. With a student faculty ratio of 12 to 1 and more than 180 majors offered, students have the freedom to cross disciplines and carve an educational path unique to their aptitudes and interests.

Admissions: http://welcome.miami.edu/admissions/index.html

Campus Visits: http://admissions.miami.edu/undergraduate/get-started/visit/index.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.miami.edu/undergraduate/financial-aid/index.html

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Housing: http://admissions.miami.edu/undergraduate/about/life-as-a-cane/housing/index.html

Greek Life: http://www.miami.edu/sa/index.php/dean_of_students/FraternitiesAndSororities/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.miami.edu/sa/index.php/student_life/student_organizations/student_activities_and_student_organizations/

Study Abroad: http://www.miami.edu/index.php/study_abroad 

Internships/Career Services: http://hireacane.miami.edu/

Athletics: http://welcome.miami.edu/athletics/index.html

University of Michigan 

Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 1-734-764-7433


Admissions Contact: admissions@umich.edu

The mission of the University of Michigan is to serve the people of Michigan and the world through preeminence in creating, communicating, preserving and applying knowledge, art, and academic values, and in developing leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.umich.edu/home-page

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Housing:  http://www.housing.umich.edu

Greek Life: http://www.umich.edu/~greeks

Clubs/Activities:   http://maizepages.umich.edu/organizations

Study Abroad: http://internationalcenter.umich.edu/abroad/swt/study

Internships/Career Services: http://www.careercenter.umich.edu

Athletics: http://www.mgoblue.com/

University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

Phone: 1-800-752-1000


Admissions Contact: (form) http://umn.force.com/admissions/

Curiosity is what drives us to discover. To keep questioning science, art, life, and opinion. To go beyond what we know. To uncover what we don’t. When you come curious to the University of Minnesota, you’ll master the skills, learn the facts, and make the connections you need to explore the world, secure a job, and find your future. In fact, when you bring curiosity to campus, the first thing you’ll find is that you fit right in.

Admissions: http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/visit/freshvisit.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/costsaid/index.html

Academic Majors: http://admissions.tc.umn.edu/admissioninfo/fresh_acadprog.html

Housing: http://housing.umn.edu/why

Greek Life: http://www.fsl.umn.edu/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.sua.umn.edu/groups/

Study Abroad: http://www.umabroad.umn.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.career.umn.edu/

Athletics: https://twin-cities.umn.edu/athletics

University Of Mississippi – Ole Miss

Oxford, Mississippi

Phone: 1-662-915-7211


Admissions Contact: admissions@olemiss.edu 

Founded in 1848, the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) is the Flagship University for the State of Mississippi. A world-class public research university, the institution has a long history of producing leaders in public service, academics and innovative research. With more than 21,500 students, Ole Miss is the state’s largest university, with a major medical school, a nationally recognized law school and 15 academic divisions. It has been ranked as one of America’s best college buys by Forbes and one of the best places to work by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The university’s Honors College has been named one of America’s finest.

Admissions: http://admissions.olemiss.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.olemiss.edu/visiting-the-university-of-mississippi/ 

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.olemiss.edu/applynow/supplemental.html

Academic Majors: http://catalog.olemiss.edu/programs

Housing: http://studenthousing.olemiss.edu/

Greek Life: http://dos.orgsync.com/org/umgreeks/

Clubs/Activities: http://dos.orgsync.com/stuorgssearch

Study Abroad: http://www.outreach.olemiss.edu/study_abroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.career.olemiss.edu/ 

Athletics: http://www.olemisssports.com/

University of Montana              

Missoula, Montana                          

Phone:  1-800-462-8636            


Admissions Contact: admiss@umontana.edu

The University of Montana pursues academic excellence as demonstrated by the quality of curriculum and instruction, student performance, and faculty professional accomplishments. The University accomplishes this mission, in part, by providing unique educational experiences through the integration of the liberal arts, graduate study, and professional training with international and interdisciplinary emphases. The University also educates competent and humane professionals and informed, ethical, and engaged citizens of local and global communities; and provides basic and applied research, technology transfer, cultural outreach, and service benefiting the local community, region, state, nation, and world.

Admissions: http://admissions.umt.edu

Campus Visits: http://admissions.umt.edu/experience-um/schedule-a-visit

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.umt.edu/finaid

Academic Majors: http://www.umt.edu/academics/degrees-and-majors/

Housing: http://life.umt.edu/rlo/ 

Greek Life: http://life.umt.edu/fsi/

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.umt.edu/student-life/

Study Abroad: http://www.umt.edu/academic-enrichment/education-abroad/default.php

Internships/Career Services: http://www.umt.edu/internships/ AND http://life.umt.edu/career/ 

Athletics: http://www.gogriz.com/

University of Montana-Western    

Dillon, Montana

Phone: 1-877-683-7331


Admissions Contact: admissions@umwestern.edu

Montana Western students take one class at a time. They get undivided attention from faculty while truly understanding what they learn through focused, intensive learning. Class sizes are kept small, which fosters a more meaningful academic experience. The results are better relationships between professors and students and greater retention of both academic and real-world lessons. Through focus and hands-on experience, students take an engaged, active role in their education.

Admissions: http://www.umwestern.edu/how-to-apply.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.umwestern.edu/paying-for-college

Academic Majors: http://my.umwestern.edu/academics/departments

Housing: http://www.umwestern.edu/campus-life.html#umw-tabbed-housing 

Clubs/Activities: http://www.umwestern.edu/campus-life.html#umw-tabbed-campus-groups

Internships/Career Services: http://my.umwestern.edu/studentsuccess/careerservices/

Athletics: http://www.umwbulldogs.com/

University of Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska

Phone: 1-800-742-8800


Admissions Contact: admissions@unl.edu

The role of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as the primary intellectual and cultural resource for the State is fulfilled through the three missions of the University: teaching, research, and service. UNL is the state’s primary intellectual center providing leadership throughout the state through quality education and the generation of new knowledge. UNL’s graduates and its faculty and staff are major contributors to the economic and cultural development of the state. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln promotes respect for and understanding of cultural diversity in all aspects of society. It strives for a culturally diverse student body, faculty, and staff reflecting the multicultural nature of Nebraska and the nation.

Admissions: http://admissions.unl.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.unl.edu/visit/Index.aspx

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admissions.unl.edu/cost.aspx#scholarships

Academic Majors: http://admissions.unl.edu/why-unl.aspx#majors

Housing: http://housing.unl.edu/

Greek Life: Yes, 18% fraternities, 23% sororities http://www.unl.edu/greek/

Clubs/Activities: http://involved.unl.edu/student-organizations

Study Abroad: http://www.unl.edu/iaffairs/study_abroad/study_abroadindex.shtml

Internships/Career Services: http://careers.unl.edu/

Athletics:  NCAA Division I-A

Varsity: http://www.huskers.com/ 

University of Nevada-Reno  

Reno, Nevada

Phone: 1-866-2NEVADA (toll free)


Admissions Contact: asknevada@unr.edu

The most unexpected part of Nevada may be its beautiful 126-year-old Reno campus overlooking the Sierra Nevada.  The campus is a mix of living history, from nineteenth century Morrill Hall, which sits on an elm-tree-lined grassy quadrangle, to the technologically savvy Davidson Math and Science Center, Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center and Joe Crowley student union, all built in the last few years. Part of the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE.)

Admissions: http://www.unr.edu/admissions

Campus Visits: http://www.unr.edu/discover-nevada/visit-campus

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.unr.edu/financial-aid 

Academic Majors: http://www.unr.edu/degrees

Housing:  http://www.unr.edu/student-life/living-on-campus

Greek Life:  http://www.unr.edu/greek-life

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.nevadaasun.com/clubs-orgs/ 

Study Abroad: http://www.unr.edu/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.unr.edu/career

Athletics:  NCAA DIV I-A

Varsity: http://www.nevadawolfpack.com

University of New Hampshire

Durham, New Hampshire

Phone: 1-603-862-1234


Admissions Contact: admissions@unh.edu

The University of New Hampshire combines the living and learning environment of a New England liberal arts college with the breadth, spirit of discovery, and civic commitment of a land-grant research institution.

UNH spans all fields of study and unites them through interdisciplinary programs, labs, research centers, libraries, internships, and fieldwork. Warmly supported and encouraged by their faculty mentors, students participate directly in assisting in the University’s historic mission of enriching society through the creation and application of new knowledge.

Admissions: https://admissions.unh.edu/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.unh.edu/visit-campus

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://financialaid.unh.edu/

Academic Majors: http://www.unh.edu/main/degree-programs

Housing: http://www.unh.edu/housing/

Greek Life: http://www.unhmub.com/involvement-leadership/greek-life

Clubs/Activities: https://wildcatlink.unh.edu/organizations

Study Abroad: http://www.unh.edu/global/education-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.unh.edu/uacc/

Athletics: http://www.unhwildcats.com/

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Phone: 1-800-CALL UNM


Admissions Contact:  unmlobos@unm.edu

The University of New Mexico now occupies 600 acres along old Route 66 in the heart of Albuquerque, a city of more than 700,000 people.  Offering a distinctive campus environment with a Pueblo Revival architectural theme, the campus echoes the buildings of nearby Pueblo Indian villages.  As a Hispanic-Serving Institution, the University represents a cross-section of cultures and backgrounds.  The University is the state’s flagship research institution. UNM research injects millions of dollars into New Mexico’s economy, funds new advancements in healthcare, and augments teaching – giving students valuable hands-on training in state-of-the art laboratories. The University has branch campuses in Gallup, Los Alamos, Taos and Valencia County. 

Admissions: http://admissions.unm.edu/ 

Campus visits: http://admissions.unm.edu/campus-tours/index.php

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://financialaid.unm.edu/ 

Academic Majors: http://catalog.unm.edu/catalogs/2012-2013/degrees-offered.html

Housing:  http://housing.unm.edu/ 

Greek Life: https://greeks.unm.edu/ 

Clubs/Activities: http://sac.unm.edu/

Study Abroad: http://studyabroad.unm.edu/   

Internships/Career Services: http://www.career.unm.edu/ 

Athletics: NCAA Division I-A Varsity:  www.golobos.com     

University of North Carolina School of the Arts              

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Phone: 1-336-770-3290 http://www.uncsa.edu        

Admissions Contact: admissions@uncsa.edu

Simply the best! These words represent the high standard of excellence of students at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and the quality of the performances they offer at home and on tour. Whether it is playing a symphony, performing Shakespeare, dancing in “The Nutcracker,” building a set, or filming on location, being an artist demands a lifetime of dedication.  Chosen for their potential as artists, these talented students study with master teachers and guest artists of international renown. Self-discipline must be balanced with the freedom to grow and create. Along with rigorous training and a commitment to their art, students study science and math, languages and literature, humanities and philosophy, to develop the artist as a whole.

The mission of this school is to train talented students for professional careers in the arts. The University of North Carolina School of the Arts graduates go on to dance with American Ballet Theatre; sing at the Metropolitan Opera; act on Broadway and in film; design Emmy and Tony-Award winning shows; and win student Academy Awards. UNCSA alumni represent the very best in the arts today!

At this one-of-a-kind institution, college undergraduates, graduate students and high school students train on one campus for professional careers in Design & Production, Dance, Drama, Film, Music and Visual Arts.

Admissions: http://sac.unm.edu/

Apply and Audition: http://www.uncsa.edu/admissions/index.aspx              

Campus Visits: http://www.uncsa.edu/admissions/visit-meet-connect/schedule-a-campus-tour.aspx

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.uncsa.edu/financialaid/

School of Dance: http://www.uncsa.edu/dance/index.aspx

School of Design & Production: http://www.uncsa.edu/design-production/index.aspx

School of Drama: http://www.uncsa.edu/drama/index.aspx

School of Film Making: http://www.uncsa.edu/filmmaking/index.aspx

School of Music: http://www.uncsa.edu/music/index.aspx

Housing: http://www.uncsa.edu/mysa/current-students/campus-life/housing/index.aspx

University of North Texas

Denton, Texas

Phone: 1-940-565-2681


Admissions Contact: unt.freshmen@unt.edu

The University of North Texas is a recognized student-centered public research university where we harness the power of ideas through a culture of learning based on diverse viewpoints, interdisciplinary endeavors, creativity and disciplined excellence.  This is accomplished through a broad and balanced array of programs where well-prepared students and dedicated scholars and artists collaborate with our local and global communities in the creation, integration, application and dissemination of knowledge. In this way, UNT creates an enriched and sustainable future for our students, state, nation and world.

Admissions: http://www.unt.edu/vwbk/admission.htm

Campus Visits: http://tours.unt.edu/ 

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://financialaid.unt.edu/   

Academic Majors: http://www.unt.edu/majors/ 

Housing: http://housing.unt.edu/housing_guide

Greek Life: http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/greek-life

Clubs/Activities: http://unt.orgsync.com/search

Study Abroad: http://www.unt.edu/majors/usabr.htm

Internships/Career Services: http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/career-center

Athletics: NCAA Division I-A

Varsity: http://www.meangreensports.com/HomePage.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=1800&SPLASH_SET=YES


University of Northern Colorado                  

Greeley, Colorado                                            

Phone: 1-888-700-4UNC                               http://www.unco.edu/                               Admissions Contact: admissions@unco.edu 

The University of Northern Colorado strives to be a leading student-centered university that promotes effective teaching, lifelong learning, the advancement of knowledge, research, and a commitment to service. Graduates are educated in the Liberal Arts and professionally prepared to live and contribute effectively in a rapidly changing, technologically advanced society.

Admissions: http://www.unco.edu/admissions

Campus Visits: http://www.unco.edu/admissions/visit/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.unco.edu/ofa/

Academic Majors: http://www.unco.edu/admissions/academics/viewall.asp

Housing:  http://www.unco.edu/housing/index.html

Greek Life: http://www.unco.edu/greek/

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.unco.edu/clubs/clubslist.html

Study Abroad: http://www.unco.edu/cie/studyabroad.html

Internships/Career Services: http://www.unco.edu/careers/student_alumni/job_internship.html

Athletics: http://uncbears.com/

University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Indiana

Phone: 1-574-631-7505


Admissions: admissions@nd.edu 

The University seeks to cultivate in its students not only an appreciation for the great achievements of human beings, but also a disciplined sensibility to the poverty, injustice, and oppression that burden the lives of so many. The aim is to create a sense of human solidarity and concern for the common good that will bear fruit as learning becomes service to justice.  The University of Notre Dame is a Catholic academic community of higher learning, animated from its origins by the Congregation of Holy Cross. The University is dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of truth for its own sake. As a Catholic university, one of its distinctive goals is to provide a forum where, through free inquiry and open discussion, the various lines of Catholic thought may intersect with all the forms of knowledge found in the arts, sciences, professions, and every other area of human scholarship and creativity.

Admissions: http://admissions.nd.edu/ 

Campus visits: http://admissions.nd.edu/connect/visit/ 

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://admissions.nd.edu/discover/cost-financial-aid/ 

Religious Affiliation:  Roman Catholic

Academic Majors: http://nd.edu/academics/undergraduate-majors /

Housing: http://housing.nd.edu/undergraduate/   

Greek Life:  None

Clubs/Activities: http://admissions.nd.edu/discover/student-life/clubs-orgs/   

Athletics: NCAA Division I-A  http://und.cstv.com/

University of Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

Phone:  1-800-232-3825


Admissions Contact: uoadmit@uoregon.edu 

The University of Oregon is a world-class teaching and research university located in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. The UO offers a broad spectrum of opportunities for learning in the liberal arts and professional programs in architecture, arts, business, education, journalism, law, and music and dance. In the classrooms and laboratories, students are inspired by a faculty of prominent scholars and work side by side with eminent researchers involved in breakthrough discoveries. At the UO, both students and faculty members reach out to make connections that serve communities from small local groups to large international organizations.

Admissions:  http://admissions.uoregon.edu/freshmen

Campus Visits: http://visit.uoregon.edu/    

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://financialaid.uoregon.edu/ 

Academic Majors: http://admissions.uoregon.edu/explore/majors

Housing: http://housing.uoregon.edu/

Greek Life:  http://oregonfsl.orgsync.com/

Clubs/Activities:  http://uoregon.orgsync.com/

Study Abroad: http://geo.uoregon.edu/

Internships/Career Services: https://career.uoregon.edu/students?destination=overview%2F515

Athletics: http://www.goducks.com/

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone: 1-215-898-7507  


Admissions Contact: info@admissions.upenn.edu

At the University of Pennsylvania, you’ll find a historic school with a history of innovation in interdisciplinary education and scholarship. You’ll also find a picturesque campus amidst a dynamic city and a world-class research institution.  Penn carries on the principles and spirit of its founder, Benjamin Franklin: entrepreneurship, innovation, invention, outreach, and a pragmatic love of knowledge. Franklin’s practical outlook has remained a driving force in the university’s development.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.upenn.edu/ 

Campus visits: http://www.admissions.upenn.edu/visit

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.sfs.upenn.edu/paying/paying-pro.htm

Academic Majors: http://www.upenn.edu/programs/undergraduate.php

Housing:  http://www.business-services.upenn.edu/housing/index.html

Greek Life: http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/ofsa/

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/osl/orgmain.html

Community Service: http://www.upenn.edu/life-at-penn/community.php

Study Abroad: https://www.college.upenn.edu/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/careerservices

Athletics: http://www.pennathletics.com/

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Phone: 1-412-624-4141


Admissions Contact: oafa@pitt.edu 

The University of Pittsburgh is among the oldest American institutions of higher learning, evolving from a frontier cabin established in 1787 into an internationally recognized institution. The University system of 16 Pittsburgh Campus schools and four regional campuses offers over 460 degree programs, a world-renowned medical center, and over 300 research centers, institutes, laboratories and clinics. The Pittsburgh campus in the Oakland neighborhood of one of the nation’s most livable cities is only three miles from the city center and offers access to arts, music, culture, sports and much more. Just beyond lies a region with endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

Admissions: http://www.pitt.edu/admissions

Campus Visits: https://oafa.pitt.edu/visit/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: https://oafa.pitt.edu/learn-about-aid/

Academic Majors: http://www.pitt.edu/academics/undergraduate

Housing: http://www.pc.pitt.edu/housing/

Greek Life: http://www.upj.pitt.edu/en/campus-life/new/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.upj.pitt.edu/en/campus-life/student-clubs-and-organizations/

Study Abroad: http://www.abroad.pitt.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.studentaffairs.pitt.edu/cdpa

Athletics: http://www.pittsburghpanthers.com/

University of Portland             

Portland, Oregon

Phone:  1-503-943-8000      


Admissions Contact: admissions@up.edu

University of Portland is an independently governed Catholic university, a community of scholars composed of people of diverse races, ages, nationalities, and religions. Since 1901 the University of Portland has devoted itself to an education of the heart and mind by focusing on three central elements: teaching, faith, and service. The University of Portland, closely affiliated with the Congregation of Holy Cross, prides itself on providing a traditional, values-centered education that is attuned to the needs of every student.

Admissions: http://www.up.edu/admissions/default.aspx?cid=8141&pid=2166

Campus Visits:  https://www1.up.edu/admissions/visit/index.html

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.up.edu/finaid/

Religious Affiliation:  Roman Catholic Church

Academic Majors: https://www1.up.edu/academics/majors-and-minors.html 

Housing: http://www.up.edu/housing/default.aspx?cid=6929&pid=2575

Greek Life:  No

Clubs/Activities: https://www1.up.edu/activities/clubs-and-organizations/index.html

Study Abroad: http://www.up.edu/studyabroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.up.edu/career/default.aspx?cid=6309&pid=134

Athletics: http://portlandpilots.com/

University of Redlands

Redlands, California

Phone: 1-909-793-2121   


Admissions Contact: http://www.redlands.edu/contact-us/ (no email address listed)   

The University of Redlands is a private, independent liberal arts university committed to providing a personalized education that encourages students to make enlightened choices. Redlands emphasizes academic rigor, curricular diversity and innovative teaching. Redlands fosters a community of scholars and encourages a pluralistic notion of values by challenging assumptions and stereotypes in both classes and activities. A Redlands education goes beyond training to embrace a reflective understanding of our world; it proceeds from information to insight, from knowledge to meaning.

Admissions: http://www.redlands.edu/admissions-and-aid/undergraduate/

Campus Visits: http://www.redlands.edu/visits-and-tours/undergraduate/

Scholarships/Financial Aid:  http://www.redlands.edu/admissions-and-aid/student-financial-services/student-financial-services-undergraduate/

Academic Majors: http://www.redlands.edu/study/undergraduate/

Housing: http://www.redlands.edu/student-life/residence-life-housing/

Greek Life:  http://www.redlands.edu/student-life/greek-life/

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.redlands.edu/student-life/ClubsOrganizations/

Study Abroad: http://www.redlands.edu/study/study-abroad/ 

Community Service: http://www.redlands.edu/student-life/community-service-learning/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.redlands.edu/study/schools-and-centers/college-of-arts-and-sciences/undergraduate-studies/accounting/internships/

Athletics: http://www.redlands.edu/athletics/

University of Rhode Island

Kingston, Rhode Island

Phone: 1-401-874-7100


Admissions Contact: admission@uri.edu

The University of Rhode Island is the State’s public learner-centered research university. We are a community joined in a common quest for knowledge. The University is committed to enriching the lives of its students through its land, sea, and urban grant traditions. URI is the only public institution in Rhode Island offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional students the distinctive educational opportunities of a major research university. Our undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, research, and outreach serve Rhode Island and beyond. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are united in one common purpose: to learn and lead together. Embracing Rhode Island ’s heritage of independent thought, we value:

  • Creativity and Scholarship
  • Diversity, Fairness, and Respect
  • Engaged Learning and Civic Involvement
  • Intellectual and Ethical Leadership

Admissions: http://www.uri.edu/admission/

Campus Visits: http://www.uri.edu/admission/visiting.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://web.uri.edu/admission/paying-for-uri/

Academic Majors: http://web.uri.edu/advising/majors/

Housing: http://housing.uri.edu/

Greek Life: http://web.uri.edu/greek/

Clubs/Activities: http://studentorg.apps.uri.edu/

Study Abroad: http://web.uri.edu/globaluri/study-abroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://web.uri.edu/career/

Athletics: http://www.gorhody.com/landing/index

University of Richmond

Richmond, Virginia

Phone: 1-800-700-1662     


Admissions Contact: admission@richmond.edu 

The University of Richmond blends the intimacy of a small college with exceptional academic, research and cultural opportunities usually found only at large institutions. A nationally ranked liberal arts university, Richmond offers a unique combination of undergraduate and graduate programs through its schools of arts and sciences, business, leadership studies, law and continuing studies.

Admissions: http://admissions.richmond.edu/

Campus visits: http://admissions.richmond.edu/visit/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://financialaid.richmond.edu

Academic Majors: http://www.richmond.edu/academics/index.html

Richmond College:  Undergraduate Men- http://rc.richmond.edu/

Westhampton College:  Undergraduate Women- http://wc.richmond.edu/

Housing:  https://housing.richmond.edu

Greek Life:  http://involved.richmond.edu/greek-life/index.html

Clubs/Activities:  http://involved.richmond.edu/student-orgs/index.html

Study Abroad: http://international.richmond.edu/semester/index.html

Internships/Career Services: http://careerservices.richmond.edu/students/jobs-and-internships/index.html

Athletics: http://www.richmond.edu/athletics/index.html

University of Rochester

Rochester, New York

Phone:  1888-822-2256


Admissions Contact: admit@admissions.rochester.edu

The University of Rochester envisions itself as a community that welcomes, encourages, and supports individuals who desire to contribute to and benefit from the institution’s missions of teaching, research, patient care, performance, and community service. The University of Rochester is an institution devoted to teaching and learning, and producing new knowledge. The University of Rochester seeks to provide a supportive environment for learning, research, and teaching at the collegiate, graduate, and professional levels. To accomplish this, we bring together faculty, students, and staff who have achieved excellence or show great promise toward that goal, who are dedicated to learning, and who will help to build a community that encourages all of its members to succeed and grow.

Admissions: http://enrollment.rochester.edu/admissions/

Campus visits: http://enrollment.rochester.edu/visit/on-campus/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://enrollment.rochester.edu/financial/undergrads/

Academic Majors: http://www.rochester.edu/academics/schools.html

Housing: http://www.rochester.edu/reslife/

Greek Life: http://www.rochester.edu/college/fsa/about/

Clubs/Activities:  http://ccc.rochester.edu/organizations

Study Abroad: http://www.rochester.edu/College/abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.rochester.edu/careercenter/students/internship/

Athletics: http://www.rochester.edu/athletics/

University of San Diego                                        

San Diego, California                  

Phone:  1-800-248-4873                   

http://www.sandiego.edu/                                                                                             Admissions Contact: admissions@sandiego.edu

At the University of San Diego, we see limitless possibilities for our students, our society, and our world. Since its founding in 1949, USD has been committed to the full development of our students through an education that incorporates Roman Catholic ethics and tradition with a solid foundation in the liberal arts. While intellectual growth is key, USD adds depth to the educational experience by inspiring students to grow spiritually, morally and socially.

Admissions: http://www.sandiego.edu/admissions/undergraduate/

Campus visits: http://www.sandiego.edu/admissions/undergraduate/visit

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.sandiego.edu/financialaid/ 

Religious Affiliation:  Roman Catholic Church

Academic Majors: http://www.sandiego.edu/academics/academic_programs/majors.php

Housing: http://www.sandiego.edu/residentiallife/student_housing/first_year_housing.php

Greek Life: http://www.sandiego.edu/greeklife/

Clubs/Activities: http://sandiego.collegiatelink.net/organizations

Study Abroad: http://www.sandiego.edu/international/study-abroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.sandiego.edu/careers/

University of San Francisco

San Francisco, California

Phone: 1-800-225-5873


Admissions Contact: admission@usfca.edu

University of San Francisco, a Jesuit Catholic institution, prepares women and men to succeed as persons and as professionals and to make the world a better place. In San Francisco since 1855, USF provides access to internships, culture and recreation in a world-class city. USF is recognized for its diverse community, academic excellence and rigor, global perspective and for faculty who are distinguished scholars and who prioritize teaching and collaborating with students on research.

Admissions: http://www.usfca.edu/admission/freshman

Campus Visits: http://www.usfca.edu/admission/visit

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.usfca.edu/admission/undergraduate/financial_aid

Religious Affiliation:  Roman Catholic 

Academic Majors: https://www.usfca.edu/academics/undergraduate/majors-minors

Housing:  http://www.usfca.edu/residence_life/

Greek Life: http://www.usfca.edu/greeklife/ 

Clubs/Activities: https://www.usfca.edu/student-life/student-activities/clubs-organizations

Study Abroad: http://www.usfca.edu/studyabroad

Internships/Career Services: https://www.usfca.edu/career/students

Athletics:  http://www.usfdons.com/

University of South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina

Phone: 1-800-868-5872


Admissions: admissions-ugrad@sc.edu

The primary mission of the University of South Carolina, a multi-campus public institution serving the entire state of South Carolina, is the education of the state’s diverse citizens through teaching, research, creative activity, and service.  A particular strength of the University of South Carolina is the excellence, breadth, and diversity of the institution’s faculty.

Admissions: http://www.sc.edu/admissions/

Campus Visits: http://www.sc.edu/visitorcenter/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.sc.edu/financialaid/

Academic Majors: http://www.sc.edu/study/majors_and_degrees/

Housing: http://sc.edu/admissions/life/housing.html

Greek Life: https://www.sa.sc.edu/fsl/

Clubs/Activities: https://garnetgate.sa.sc.edu/organizations

Community Service: https://www.sa.sc.edu/leadershipandservice/service-and-involvement/

Study Abroad: http://sc.edu/about/offices_and_divisions/study_abroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.sc.edu/career/internshipscoops.html

Athletics: http://www.sc.edu/athletics/

University of Tampa                                           Tampa, Florida

Phone: 1-888-MINARET (1-888-646-2738)


Admissions Contact: admissions@ut.edu 

The University of Tampa is a comprehensive, independent university that delivers challenging and high quality educational experiences to a diverse group of learners. Four colleges offer more than 120 programs of undergraduate study through a core curriculum rooted in a liberal arts tradition. Beginning with an innovative first-year student experience, University of Tampa students explore global issues, examine career possibilities, and refine communication and critical thinking skills.

Admissions: http://www.ut.edu/detail.aspx?id=56

Campus Visits: http://www.ut.edu/detail.aspx?id=276

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.ut.edu/financialaid/

Academic Majors: http://www.ut.edu/degrees/

Housing: http://www.ut.edu/residencelife/

Greek Life: http://www.ut.edu/greeklife/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.ut.edu/studentengagement/

Study Abroad: https://www.ut.edu/educationabroad/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.ut.edu/career/

Athletics: https://www.ut.edu/athletics/

University of Texas – Austin

Austin, Texas

Phone: 1-512-471-3434


Admissions Representative: uac@austin.utexas.edu

The mission of The University of Texas at Austin is to achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of undergraduate education, graduate education, research and public service. The university provides superior and comprehensive educational opportunities at the baccalaureate through doctoral and special professional educational levels.

Admissions: http://www.utexas.edu/student/admissions/

Campus Visits: http://admissions.utexas.edu/visit

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://finaid.utexas.edu/

Academic Majors: http://admissions.utexas.edu/explore/academics    

Housing: http://www.utexas.edu/campus-life/living-eating

Greek Life: http://deanofstudents.utexas.edu/sfl/

Clubs/Activities: http://deanofstudents.utexas.edu/sa/index.php

Study Abroad: http://world.utexas.edu/abroad

Internships/Career Services: https://liberalarts.utexas.edu/lacs/ 

Athletics: http://www.utexas.edu/athletics/overview

University of the Arts

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone: 1-800-616-ARTS


Admissions Contact: admissions@uarts.edu

The Arts have the power to transform society. They play an essential role in ensuring and enhancing the quality of life.  The University of the Arts is committed to inspiring, educating and preparing innovative artists and creative leaders for the Arts of the 21st century.  The University of the Arts is devoted exclusively to education and training in the arts.  Within this community of artists, the process of learning engages, refines, and articulates all of our creative capabilities.  Our institution was among the first to contribute to the formation of an American tradition in arts education.  We continue to develop interpreters and innovators who influence our dynamic culture.

Admissions: http://www.uarts.edu/admissions/undergraduate-admissions

Campus Visits: http://www.uarts.edu/admissions/campus-tours

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.uarts.edu/admission/tuitionandfinaid.html

Academic Majors: http://www.uarts.edu/academics/undergraduate

Housing: http://www.uarts.edu/students/housing

Clubs/Activities: http://www.uarts.edu/students/club-and-organization-resources

Study Abroad: http://www.uarts.edu/academics/study-abroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.uarts.edu/students/career-services

Athletics: http://www.uarts.edu/students/sports-and-recreation

University of the Pacific 

Stockton, California

Phone: 1-209-946-2211


Admissions Contact: admission@pacific.edu 

The University of the Pacific’s mission is to provide a superior, student-centered learning experience integrating liberal arts and professional education and preparing individuals for lasting achievement and responsible leadership in their careers and communities. Pacific is an outstanding blend of the advantages of the diverse programs of a major university and the broad, highly personalized learning of the selective liberal arts college.

Admissions: http://www.pacific.edu/Admission/Undergraduate.html

Campus visits: http://www.pacific.edu/Admission/Visit-Campus.html

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.pacific.edu/About-Pacific/AdministrationOffices/Office-of-Financial-Aid.html

Academic Majors: http://www.pacific.edu/Academics/Majors-and-Programs/Undergraduate-Majors-and-Minors.html

Housing:  http://www.pacific.edu/Campus-Life/Housing-and-Facilities.html

Greek Life:  http://www.pacific.edu/GreekLife

Clubs/Activities:  http://pacific.orgsync.com/clubsandorganizations

Study Abroad: http://www.pacific.edu/Admission/Undergraduate/Pacific-At-A-Glance/Study-Abroad.html

Internships/Career Services: http://www.pacific.edu/Campus-Life/Student-Services/Career-Resource-Center/Students.html

Athletics: http://www.pacifictigers.com/landing/index

Sewanee-The University of the South   

Sewanee, Tennessee

Phone:  1-931-598-1000


Admissions Contact: admission@sewanee.edu   

Known familiarly as “Sewanee” by its students, faculty, staff and friends, The University of the South offers an unmatched educational experience. The university remains purposefully small and dedicated to building a sense of community. All classes are taught by professors, not graduate teaching assistants, and close faculty-student interaction ensures that each student enjoys a rich and personal educational experience. It is not unusual for students and faculty members to work shoulder to shoulder on research projects and journal articles, to meet for coffee at a local eatery, or to serve together as members of the university orchestra, volunteer fire department, and other civic groups.

Admissions: http://admission.sewanee.edu

Campus Visits: http://admission.sewanee.edu/visit

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admission.sewanee.edu/financial-aid-details/

Religious Affiliation:  Protestant Episcopal

Academic Majors: http://www.sewanee.edu/academics/

Housing:  http://www.sewanee.edu/student-life/residential-life/residence-halls-and-other-campus-residences/

Greek Life:  http://www.sewanee.edu/student-life/greek-life/    

Clubs/Activities: http://www.sewanee.edu/student-life/student-activities/   

Community Service: http://www.sewanee.edu/student-life/outreach–community-engagement/

Study Abroad: http://www.sewanee.edu/academics/about/office-of-global-education/studyaway/

Internships/Career Services: http://careers.sewanee.edu/internships/

Athletics: http://sewaneetigers.com/landing/index

The University of Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 1-801-581-8146


Admissions Contact: admissions@utah.edu

Imagine what you want to accomplish, then really making it happen. Imagine designing and publishing a video game before earning your diploma, starting a business while studying business, and doing all this in a setting that begs you to get out and do something. Imagine, then Do. Opportunity awaits and all things are possible at a place we call Imagine U. The University of Utah.

Admissions: http://admissions.utah.edu/apply/undergraduate/

Campus Visits:  http://admissions.utah.edu/visit/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://financialaid.utah.edu/

Academic Majors: http://advising.utah.edu/majors/a-z.php

Housing:  http://housing.utah.edu/

Greek Life: http://fraternityandsororitylife.utah.edu/

Clubs/Activities:  http://asuu.utah.edu/student-groups

Study Abroad: http://learningabroad.utah.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://careers.utah.edu/

Athletics: http://www.utahutes.com/

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

Phone: 1-802-656-3370     


Admissions Contact: admissions@uvm.edu

The University of Vermont (UVM) is one of the nation’s premier small research universities, recognized for outstanding undergraduate education across all disciplines as well as leading graduate and research programs in the biological sciences and several other fields. A hallmark of a UVM education is combining learning with service to build skills and knowledge aimed at improving lives and the health of our planet. The university is located in Burlington, Vermont, a vibrant small city surrounded by inspiring natural beauty. Students thrive in and out of the classroom and are successful in gaining entrance to top graduate programs and at launching rewarding careers. A UVM education has enduring value.

Admissions: http://www.uvm.edu/admissions/undergraduate/

Campus visits: http://www.uvm.edu/admissions/undergraduate/visit_us

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.uvm.edu/~stdfinsv/?Page=typeug.html&SM=finaidmenu.html

Academic Majors: http://www.uvm.edu/academics/majors_minors_and_graduate_programs

Housing: http://www.uvm.edu/student_life/?Page=housing.html

Clubs/Activities: http://www.uvm.edu/sga/?Page=clubs.php&SM=menu_clubs.html

Greek Life: http://www.uvm.edu/~slife/?Page=greeklife.html

Community Service: http://www.uvm.edu/~slife/?Page=service.html&SM=service_menu.html

Study Abroad: http://www.uvm.edu/~oies/?Page=study/studyabroad.php&SM=sa_menu.html

Internships/Career Services: http://www.uvm.edu/~career/

Athletics: http://uvmathletics.com/splash.aspx?id=splash_160

University of Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin

Phone:  1-608-262-3961  


Admissions Contact: onwisconsin@admissions.wisc.edu 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is Wisconsin’s comprehensive teaching and research university with a statewide, national, and international mission, offering programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels in a wide range of fields, while engaging in extensive scholarly research, continuing adult education, and public service. The primary purpose of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is to provide a learning environment in which faculty, staff, and students can discover, examine critically, preserve, and transmit the knowledge, wisdom, and values that will help ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of life for all.

Admissions: http://www.admissions.wisc.edu/

Campus visits: https://www.admissions.wisc.edu/visitbucky/index.php

Scholarships/Financial Aid: https://www.admissions.wisc.edu/prepare/costs.php

Academic Majors: http://www.admissions.wisc.edu/majors.php

Housing:  http://www.housing.wisc.edu/residencehalls.htm

Greek Life:  http://www.uwgreek.com/

Clubs/Activities: https://win.wisc.edu/organizations

Study Abroad: http://www.studyabroad.wisc.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.lssaa.wisc.edu/careers/students/index.html

Athletics: https://www.admissions.wisc.edu/why/recreation.php

University of Wyoming  

Laramie, Wyoming

Phone: 1-307-766-1121


Admissions Contact: admissions@uwyo.edu

The University of Wyoming aspires to be one of the nation’s finest public land-grant research universities. We serve as a statewide resource for accessible and affordable higher education of the highest quality; rigorous scholarship; technology transfer; economic and community development; and responsible stewardship of our cultural, historical, and natural resources.

Admissions: http://www.uwyo.edu/admissions/freshman

Campus Visits: http://www.uwyo.edu/admissions/visit

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.uwyo.edu/admissions/scholarships/index.html

Academic Majors: http://www.uwyo.edu/registrar/university_catalog/majors.html

Housing:  http://www.uwyo.edu/reslife-dining/halls

Greek Life:  http://www.uwyo.edu/fsl/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.uwyo.edu/union/cac/rso

Community Service: http://www.uwyo.edu/socialwork/community-outreach/   

Study Abroad: http://www.uwyo.edu/studyabroad

Internships/Career Services: http://www.uwyo.edu/cacs

Athletics: http://www.uwyo.edu/uw/athletics/

University of Nevada- Las Vegas 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: 1-702-774-8658


Admissions Contact: admissions@unlv.edu

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is a research institution committed to rigorous educational programs and the highest standards of a liberal education. We produce accomplished graduates who are well prepared to enter the work force or to continue their education in graduate and professional programs. Our faculty, students, and staff enthusiastically confront the challenges of economic and cultural diversification, urban growth, social justice, and sustainability. Our commitment to our dynamic region and State centrally influences our research and educational programs, which improves our local communities. Our commitment to the national and international communities ensures that our research and educational programs engage both traditional and innovative areas of study and global concerns. UNLV’s distinctive identity and values permeate a unique institution that brings the best of the world to our region and, in turn, produces knowledge to improve the region and world around us.

Admissions: http://www.unlv.edu/futurestudents/

Campus Visits: http://www.unlv.edu/admissions/visits

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://finaid.unlv.edu/

Academic Majors: http://www.unlv.edu/academics/degrees/undergraduate

Housing: http://housing.unlv.edu/

Greek Life: http://www.unlv.edu/getinvolved/fraternity-sorority

Clubs/Activities: http://www.unlv.edu/getinvolved/student-orgs

Study Abroad: http://internationalprograms.unlv.edu/studyabroad/

Career Services: http://hirearebel.unlv.edu/

Athletics: http://www.unlv.edu/athletics

University of Puget Sound CTCL

Tacoma, Washington

Phone: 1-800-396-7191


Admissions Contact: admission@pugetsound.edu

At the University of Puget Sound, education is an invitation to express yourself. Our liberal arts curriculum is grounded in the fundamental skills of critical thinking, cogent discussion, and convincing writing. Interact with fellow students who are engaged in a free exchange of ideas and offer broad perspectives. Express yourself through involvement in athletics, the arts, campus issues, and community service–more than 75 clubs and organizations in all. In addition, find inspiration in a collaborative campus atmosphere and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Admissions: http://www.pugetsound.edu/admission/

Campus Visits: http://www.pugetsound.edu/admission/visit/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.pugetsound.edu/admission/financing-your-education/financial-aid/

Academic Majors: http://www.pugetsound.edu/academics/departments-and-programs/

Housing:  http://www.pugetsound.edu/student-life/campus-living/

Greek Life: http://www.pugetsound.edu/student-life/student-activities/greek-life/

Clubs/Activities: http://www.pugetsound.edu/student-life/service/

Study Abroad:  http://www.pugetsound.edu/academics/international-programs/study-abroad/

Internships/Career Services:


Athletics: http://www.loggerathletics.com/landing/index

Ursinus University CTCL  

Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Phone:  1-610-409-3000


Admissions Contact: admission@ursinus.edu 

The mission of Ursinus College is to enable students to become independent, responsible, and thoughtful individuals through a program of liberal education. That education prepares them to live creatively and usefully, and to provide leadership for their society in an interdependent world.

Admissions: http://www.ursinus.edu/netcommunity/page.aspx?pid=205

Campus Visits: https://www.ursinus.edu/admission/visiting/

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.ursinus.edu/netcommunity/page.aspx?pid=1305

Academic Majors: http://www.ursinus.edu/netcommunity/page.aspx?pid=286

Housing:  http://www.ursinus.edu/netcommunity/page.aspx?pid=338

Greek Life: https://www.ursinus.edu/offices/student-organizations/greek-organizations/ 

Clubs/Activities: https://www.ursinus.edu/student-life/clubs-and-organizations/   

Study Abroad: https://www.ursinus.edu/offices/international-programs/study-abroad/ 

Internships/Career Services: https://www.ursinus.edu/offices/career-and-professional-development/

Athletics: https://www.ursinus.edu/athletics/

United States Naval Academy

Annapolis, Maryland



Admissions Contact:  webmail@usna.edu

Tuition, room and board, and medical and dental care provided by United States Government.  Each midshipman receives a monthly salary to cover costs of books, supplies, uniforms, laundry, and equipment, including a computer. 

Admissions: https://www.usna.edu/Admissions/index.php

Campus Visit: https://www.usna.edu/Admissions/Visit-USNA/index.php

Academic Majors: http://www.usna.edu/departments.html


Housing:  All midshipmen live in Bancroft Hall, a huge dormitory complex. You are assigned to a room with one or more midshipmen and live in close proximity to about 130 other midshipmen in your company. Men and women from all four classes make up each company. Each company has its own living area, called the wardroom, for meetings and recreation.

Student Life: https://www.usna.edu/Student-Life/index.php 

Clubs/Activities:  http://www.usna.edu/extraact.htm

Athletics: NCAA Division I  https://www.usna.edu/Athletics/index.php

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California

Phone: 1-213-740-1111


Admissions Contact: http://admission.usc.edu/firstyear/prospective/emailus.html 

Located in Los Angeles, a global center for arts, technology and international trade, the University of Southern California is one of the world’s leading private research universities. USC enrolls more international students than any other U.S. university and offers extensive opportunities for internships and study abroad. With a strong tradition of integrating liberal and professional education, USC fosters a vibrant culture of public service and encourages students to cross academic as well as geographic boundaries in their pursuit of knowledge.

Admissions: http://www.usc.edu/admission/undergraduate/

Campus visits: http://admission.usc.edu/firstyear/prospective/visit.html

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.usc.edu/admission/fa/

Academic Majors: http://undergrad.usc.edu/programs/major/list/

Housing: http://housing.usc.edu/

Greek Life: http://www.usc.edu/student-affairs/greeklife/

Clubs/Activities:  http://campusactivities.usc.edu/organizations/

Study Abroad: http://dornsife.usc.edu/overseas-studies/ 

Internships/Career Services: http://careers.usc.edu/students/

Athletics: http://www.usctrojans.com/#

Utah State University

Logan, Utah

Phone: 1-435-797-1000


Admissions Contact: admit@usu.edu 

Since its founding in 1888, Utah State University has evolved from a small-town college tucked away in the Northern Utah mountains to a thriving research university respected around the world. Students can choose from an array of academic and social opportunities at a university known throughout the world for its intellectual and technological leadership.

Admissions: https://www.usu.edu/admissions/freshmen/index

Campus Visits:  https://www.usu.edu/visit/

Scholarships/Financial Aid: http://www.usu.edu/finaid/scholarships/ / http://www.usu.edu/finaid/

Academic Majors: https://www.usu.edu/degrees/index.cfm?az=all

Housing:  https://www.usu.edu/campus-life/living/

Greek Life: https://ususa.usu.edu/greek-life/potential-members/

Clubs/Activities:  https://ususa.usu.edu/

Study Abroad: http://globalengagement.usu.edu/studyabroad/htm/programs/find-a-program

Internships/Career Services: https://career-services.usu.edu/

Athletics: http://www.utahstateaggies.com/index-main.html

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, Virginia

Phone: 1-432-982-3200


Admissions Contact: undergradadmission@virginia.edu

The central purpose of the University of Virginia is to enrich the mind by stimulating and sustaining a spirit of free inquiry directed to understanding the nature of the universe and the role of mankind in it. Activities designed to quicken, discipline, and enlarge the intellectual and creative capacities, as well as the aesthetic and ethical awareness, of the members of the University and to record, preserve, and disseminate the results of intellectual discovery and creative endeavor serve this purpose. In fulfilling it, the University places the highest priority on achieving eminence as a center of higher learning.

Admissions: http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/admission.html

Campus Visits: http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/planvisit.html

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://www.virginia.edu/undergradadmission/finaid.html

Academic Majors: http://www.virginia.edu/virginia/degrees/

Housing: http://www.virginia.edu/residencelife/

Greek Life: http://www.virginia.edu/fsl/

Clubs/Activities: https://atuva.student.virginia.edu/organizations

Study Abroad: http://www.studyabroad.virginia.edu/

Internships/Career Services: http://www.career.virginia.edu/

Athletics: http://www.virginia.edu/story/athletics

University of Washington

Seattle, Washington

Phone: 1-206-543-9686    


Admission Contacts: askuwadm@uw.edu

As one of the nation’s outstanding teaching and research institutions, the University is committed to maintaining an environment for objectivity and imaginative inquiry and for the original scholarship and research that ensure the production of new knowledge in the free exchange of diverse facts, theories, and ideas. To promote their capacity to make humane and informed decisions, the University fosters an environment in which its students can develop mature and independent judgment and an appreciation of the range and diversity of human achievement.

Admissions: http://admit.washington.edu/apply/freshman

Campus Visits: http://admit.washington.edu/Visit

Financial Aid/Scholarships: http://admit.washington.edu/costs-and-financial-aid/scholarships

Academic Majors: http://www.washington.edu/uaa/advising/academic-planning/majors-and-minors/list-of-undergraduate-majors/ 

Housing:  http://www.hfs.washington.edu/housing/Default.aspx?id=259

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University of Washington – Bothell 

Bothell, Washington

Phone: 1-425-318-4619


Admissions Contact: uwbinfo@uw.edu 

With nearly 5,000 students and 40 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the University of Washington Bothell is the fastest-growing four-year public university in the state of Washington.  

UW Bothell: A national reputation

In 2014, Money magazine named UW Bothell no. 37 among all schools and no. 10 among all public universities in terms of educational quality, affordability and alumni earnings. 

Washington Monthly ranked UW Bothell no. 6 in the nation in the “best bang for the buck” category.

The Center for Education Reform recognized UW Bothell Bothell as one of just 19 colleges in the nation that score well on measures of access, affordability and success. 

Admissions: http://www.bothell.washington.edu/admissions/firstyear

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